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Help a small family suffering from war in Ukraine by ShimiArt


WE NOW HAVE A GOFUNDME PAGE huuuge thanks to Kreoko!

Hi everyone,

Life got really tough for my friend recently, and this is probably the last chance to help her small family. This girl means the world to me, and I'm trying my best to help her, but since I'm far away from them, I'm pretty powerless alone. Which is why I really, really need your help right now.

My friend and her mom live in Luhansk, Ukraine. Not so long ago a serious war begun there, putting their lives in danger. Now there's no water, no gas and no electricity in most parts of their city, half of the city is damaged and obviously it's not safe to stay there. The family went to Kharkov for a week, but now they can't stay there any longer as well yet can't go anywhere, 'cause the mother lost her job, and now they've almost ran out of money. They need to pay the bills, pay for their accommodation and transport, urgently repay the debts and simply some money for their basic daily needs, after all, and they don't have any - nor the opportunity to earn some in the nearest future. 


As soon as possible, we need to raise $1000 for them.

Raised ~$191 already ($128 + £37)

WONDERFUL people that donated!
:iconthereina: :iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconinu-hitori: :iconkh180: :iconsirkittenpaws: :iconkilioka: :icongriwi: :iconfelixcani: :iconmightyray: :iconagentwhitehawk: :iconscaleraegis: :iconkourukon: + Holly and Tamura (sorry i don't know what your dA's are :c) + anonymous donation <3

AMAZING people that spread the word!
:icontunquen: :iconthesilverbells: :iconkrustyismyname1: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconthereina: :iconseryva: :iconshanilioness: :iconsah-adopts: :iconspottie-dots: :iconhomura-chan: :icondatbutterstho: :iconfrosstbite: :iconlazycookiemookie: :iconemeraldsweets: :iconcarressa:  :icon1cecub: :iconshinyeevee1234: :iconfa773n-k1tty: :iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconthemightyelementyle: :iconkh180: :icondynasty-dawn: :iconmissaudi: :iconortheka: :iconkoolkatmlp: :iconblahben-turtle-pop: :iconskylisaurus: :iconkarmadash: :iconme0wcl0ud: :icondorizard: :iconyurikoschneide: :iconartificialmutt: :iconxchocolateheartx: :icondraumrlife: :icontheleadingoutcast: :iconthunderelectro: :iconday-dre-mer: :iconkreoko: :iconcaniyto: :iconmysticmcr: :iconacidneku: :iconenviouskitty: :icongriwi: :iconcougarhearted: :iconangelponyadopts: :icontonythunder: :iconsparklefox789: :iconcoffeebite: :icontorokou: :iconhydracarina: :iconmusicfan0406: :iconkovithewolf: :iconlunasia-the-dragon: :iconradiozap777: :iconflaming-cat: :iconeun-gi: :icontheblindicecat: :iconcammi0: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon: :iconscaleraegis: :iconbolt-the-kitty: :icondragonlord9531: :iconyesterday-torrey: :iconriva1lle: :icondoodiepaws: :icondogyjoe: :iconclara-lesedi: :iconarsfatalis: :iconjanelon: :iconpapiocutie: :iconstefanthehedgehog: :iconzipzap1313: :iconleahdragoness: :iconmaitrevoleur:

Thank you all so much! That means a lot to us! <3


$1000 sounds pretty big, I understand, but if you do help, you won't get just a thank you. 

Here's what you can get in return if you wish so:

  • Spread the word: tell your subscribers, your friends or anyone you know, mention this journal in your journal, blog, site or anywhere else and get a mention here and in my thank-you-so-much journal after we reach our goal
  • Donate $1 and get a mention on my page for however long you want
  • Donate $10 and I'll draw you a portrait of your character with no bg/one colour bg/simple gradient bg (+about $7 for each additional character) Head with no BG/one colour BG/gradient BG by ShimiArt
  • Donate $20 and I'll draw you a portrait of your character with a beautiful bg (+about  $15 for each additional character) Kiroho - Commission by ShimiArt
  • Donate $30 and I'll draw you a full body of your character with no bg/one colour bg/simple gradient bg (+about $20 for each additional character)Eany - Kiara and Kovu's Son by ShimiArt
  • Donate $40 and I'll draw you a full body picture of your character with a detailed bg  (+about $30 for each additional character) Sleepyhead by ShimiArt

Donated a lot more than that? Maybe want something else? Note me and we'll figure out what I can do for you.

There's no exact deadline, but we have to do this as soon as possible, in a few days or in a week. Every single mention, every single dollar counts. Literally ANY help will be appreciated, and we will be so thankful for it.

  • How do I donate? Donate money to my PayPal. You'll need my e-mail for that, which is (lol, I know, that is one weird name for an email, but it's my side email I had to use for a side PayPal account). My name there has to be Ksenia, which is a name I'm not using anymore and planning to change later in life, but I'm telling you that just in case you get confused.
  • Where do these money go? First to my PayPal, and then straight to the family's bank card so they can withdraw them. Obviously I won't keep a single cent to myself and not a single cent will be spent for anything other than the reasons stated above. We wanted to start a gofundme thing, but it turns out gofundme doesn't work with Russia and Ukraine, so we had to go another way, which is why you're reading this.
  • Okay, but I want some sort of a proof! Note me, and we'll find a way to prove you we're not lying. Also, if you think this really needs a better proof for everyone ('cause I'm not sure) and you have any ideas of possible safe proofs, write them in the comments below, it will be very appreciated.


Thank you so so much! And please:
- If you spread a word somehow, if/when I make a journal of how we've reached our goal please please please make sure to delete your journal/post/tweet/whatever or make a new one saying we're done.
- If you donate something, please either add an annotation to your payment saying who you are, or comment here and tell me what you've donated or if you can, comment/note me on what your first name is on your Paypal account for me to make sure it's you so everything's fair for everyone. I'm sorry to ask for extra stuff to do, but there's no other way I can deal with donations and everything and don't get lost in it. I'll also make sure to ask you if you want something in return and what exactly it is.
- Know we're so very thankful. And you'll get a thank you of course. And then another thank you for everyone. And a thank you when we reach our goal. And probably one more thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you!

  • When will I get the thing promised in return? I'll make a list and will do them one by one, trying to do my best to finish everything asap. It will take some time, but I'll make sure everyone gets everything promised to them. 

  •  I have some other questions! Note me on dA, comment under this journal or write to if you have any questions or anything to say.

I really hope we can do this. I'm sorry, I wouldn't ask if there was any other way, but unfortunately there isn't. Please help us.


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ZipZap1313 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hope you don't mind a stranger that saw a friend in need sharing the word to help -bows- The war is never easy nor fun I'm glad to at least spread the word as I lay in the hospital bed here -bows- least one can do, I hope you don't mind as said before. Hope you have a great day -bows-
ShimiArt Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Aww, thank you so much! I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate it. I also hope that you'll be okay, and whatever brought you to the hospital bed, if that is something bad, heals well <3
ZipZap1313 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Never worry on me friend  -bows- living this long the least I can do is help out, I hope I've done somethen at the most and your friend gets they help she needs -bows- Thank you in return for the kind words back :)
Loki-Ryuu Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oh you have such pretty art *w*
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hows my contest prize going?
hypermagical Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Thank you for the recent fave! :ahoy:
KhaliaArt Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hello sweetheart,
I have to say I adore animals - especially felines, so I'm definitely adding you to my watch list :heart: and there you have a llama from me of course ;) Keep up the good work and feel free to check out the mine! :iconspazhugplz:
Nabary Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
Happy Easter Easter Bunny Basket Static 
Kimmie-Arts Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I Love your gallery. Your artwork is so cute! And I love how you reduced Tama's head tuft a little, it makes her look much cuter! Wanna be friends?
MerlynsMidnight Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
I love your art! You are very talented :-)
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